LED Driver Series

The Q-Niversal LED Driver

Fully programmable LED driver board. Will drive any LED backlit LCD within current and voltage rating.

The Q-Niversal LED driver board is designed with eight independent LED channels, controlling each of the channels with constant current. The controller has a wide dimming range and stable brightness down to very low LED drive current operations in order to facilitate a very low light output. There is a software function that controls day and NVIS modes. This software also controls which LED channels are selected. This is to allow a dual mode display operation of day and NVIS lighting. When the need arises to drive more than eight channels, then up to 3 Additional Expansion drive assemblies can be added to the system. All three can be controlled from the LED driver board over I2C interface. They are powered separately and are more or less duplicates of the LED driver board except for the microprocessor. The two drive assembles use the Atmel MSL3082 as the LED driver chip. The LED drive assemblies are programmed over a USB interface using a USB memory stick that when inserted into the USB connector will enumerate and download its configuration files to the microprocessor without user intervention. The configuration file data can be edited by the user using standard editors.

Q-Niversal LED Driver Features:

  • Less than 0.36 inches in height
  • 11-13V input voltage
  • Constant LED Current control on 8 individual channel
  • 8 channels of 20-200ma per channel
  • 1000:1 Dimming Control
  • Dimming control is 0 to 5v or PWM signal
  • On board PWM or analog / PWM input
  • Precise low end dimming control
  • Programmable LED string voltage up to 60 V
  • Programmable rail voltage from 30V-60V
  • Analog 5 volt input brightness control calibration
  • Up to three additional expansion driver cards controller by the master driver
  • Day/night selectable channels
  • Backlight synchronized to vertical or horizontal sync
  • Channel to channel uniformity control


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