Quality Control

Our Commitment to Quality

Q-Vio enforces strict quality control procedures during all phases of product development and manufacturing. We are ISO compliant to ensure that all display products and services meet the highest standards.

ISO Compliance

Q-Vio has established an ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System designed to document, implement, maintain and continually improve our products and services.

Our quality policy is the driving force behind our commitment to meeting specified requirements and improvements.

We periodically audit our quality system’s performance to ensure:

  • Our products and services meet high quality standards and customer requirements.
  • Effectiveness of our processes (Improved results)

Continuous improvement principles:

  • Our attitude is that improvement is always possible
  • Develop the skills and tools to continuously and systematically improve.
  • Always know what must improve how you will measure the improvement

Measureable Results

Q-Vio has developed an internal evaluation of performance. The following outlines the process:

  • Review the Data Quality Objectives (DQO): 
    Q-Vio reviews and monitors the output to assure that they are applicable.
  • Review Preliminary Data: 
    Review QA reports, calculate basic statistics, and generate graphs of the data.
  • Select the Statistical Test: 
    Select appropriate procedure for summarizing and analyzing the data based on the review of the DQO’s.
  • Verify the Assumptions of the Statistical test: 
    Evaluate the validity of underlying assumptions. Evaluate whether departures are acceptable given the actual data and other information that is available.
  • Draw Conclusions from the Data: 
    Perform the calculations required for the statistical test and document the inferences drawn as a result of these calculations. Review data and reports with management.
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