Q-Vio FULL HD Displays

More than 6X brighter than standard cell phones and tablets, Q-Vio Full HD displays beat the daylight out of sunlight.

The images above show Q-Vio Full HD Displays in direct sunlight.

Q-Vio Full HD, Sunlight Readable Displays

When a display absolutely HAS to be seen outside in the sun, the Q-Vio display line is the perfect solution. These ultra-bright LCDs are 4-6 times brighter than the factory models. With over 70 different models from 4” to 32”, Q-Vio has your outdoor display needs covered!

Q-Vio develops innovative ultrabright display solutions that maximize visual performance and enable unique interfacing opportunities in any market application.

Q-Vio Display Features Include:

  • Full HD + (1920×1080 & 1920×1200)
  • 5”, 6”, 7”, 10.1” & 32” models available
  • -20C to 70C Wide Operating Temp
  • MIPI Interface (5”, 6” & 7”)
  • 1800 – 2500 NITS
  • 400 & 450 NIT options
  • 300pc Minimum Order
  • Long Life (3-Year Product Support Min)
  • PCAP – Edge Taped or Optically Bonded
  • Gorilla Glass Option
  • Cost Effective
  • Ruggedized Options Available

Q-Vio Display Applications Include:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Rugged Outdoor Computer
  • Broadcast Video Monitor
  • Outdoor Kiosk Display
  • Avionics Display
  • Rugged Vehicle mounted Display
  • Military Display Monitor
  • Drone Navigation
  • Camera Mount
  • Wrist Mount
  • Any High Resolution Application

Superior Outdoor Visibility

For ultra bright and custom applications, Q-Vio high-bright display panels offer an easy upgrade path to sunlight readability.

These low power displays are perfect for a wide range of products where size, weight, power and sharp readability in bright sunlight are essential.

Value-Added Services

Q-Vio value-added services also include optical bonding, touchscreen application, LCD film enhancement and complete LCD kit solutions, SBC integration, LVDS to MIPI conversion boards, video controllers and more.

Q-Vio Standard Line Specifications

SizeDot matrixResolutionBrightness (NITS)Base panelNotes
5"1080 x 1920FHD2000AUOMIPI; IPS; HDMI2MIPI & LVDS2MIPI controller avail.
6"1080 x 1920FHD1500AUOMIPI; IPS; Dual Mode NVIS; HDMI2MIPI & LVDS2MIPI controller avail.
7"1200 x 1920WUXGA2500JDIMIPI; IPS; HDMI2MIPI & LVDS2MIPI controller avail.
10.11920 x 1200WUXGA1200JDILVDS; IPS; factory frame
10.11920 x 1200WUXGA1700JDILVDS; IPS; Pro frame
13.3"1920 x 1080FHD1000, 1500AUOLVDS; MVA; hi color
15.61920x1080FHD1000SharpLVDS; TN; hi color; Pro frame
171920x1200WUXGA1300InnoluxLVDS; MVA; hi color; Tesla panel
17.31920x1080FHD1000AUOLVDS; TN
18.5"1920 x 1080FHD1500AUOcoming soon
32"1920x1080FHD2000SamsungLVDS; 10 bit color; high contrast
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Daylight Visibility Increases Usability and Value




For high performance display technology, the Q-Vio team is here to help you fit the perfect display to your design specifications. Contact us today to learn more and Request a DEMOKIT.


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