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Q-Niversal Video Controllers

Q-Vio offers a broad array of video controller solutions to meet the demand of designers in several market segments from consumer to broadcast. We offer 8 different boards with various input configurations that can drive displays up to 1920×1200 resolution. Our in-house programming center presents us with the opportunity to support you with programmed and tested boards to drive your specific display, all in a matter of weeks. In addition, we can provide your LVDS cable assembly in 4-6 weeks. For low cost, rapid delivery and multiple options, Q-Vio has a solution for you.

Q-Vio’s new line of programmable controller cards, called Q-Niversal, can interface with the family of SunScreen™ displays. Multiple input options give customers the right card for their application. These card/cable kits allow Q-Vio to provide plug and play solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Video Controller Features:

  • Multiple Input Configurations
  • Can scale from VGA – WUXGA and FHD resolutions
  • Pre-Programmed and Tested Board Solutions
  • LVDS Cable Assembly
  • Low Cost
  • Rapid Production

Q-Niversal PRO Video Controllers

The QSVJ-000 Q-Niversal Pro Video Controller is a small fully buffered multi-sync LCD controller ideally suited to the broadcast video market.

It features analog and digital input with resolutions up to WUXGA 1920×1200, true 10-bit color when used in conjunction with 10-bit LCD panels and optional 3G-SDI input through a daughter card add on.

The board features full screen image expansion and scaling, with positive and negative zoom capabilities.

It has a wide 6-36v power input range and is fully programmable through USB to work with a wide variety of LCD panels.


LVDS/HDMI2MIPI Converter In Action

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