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NVIS LCD Solutions

NVIS Solutions

Q-Vio has extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of displays for military applications. We have dual mode Sunlight Readable and NVIS (or NVG Goggle) solutions that are mil std 3009 compliant for night vision and fully viewable in direct sun. These displays can also be configured with multiple layers of value add including EMI glass, touch screens, cover glass, heaters and ruggedized heat frames.

NVIS Compliant Display Description

A DOD-STD-3009 NVIS-B compatible display filters out all light above 665 nm. This is to avoid activating the automatic gain control in the NVG (NVIS goggles), causing an ongoing loss of visual acuity for the scene outside of the cockpit. This allows the NVG user to make full use of the NVG’s while observing his surroundings and still being able to look down below the NVG and see an all most full-color LCD picture. The slope of the low-pass filter takes out a portion of the upper red color spectrum causing the white point to move closer to the blue white point.

Q-Vio ColorBoost Enhancement

The Q-Vio NVIS display has proprietary color enhancement to greatly improve the color saturation and contrast of the filtered image making it superior to other NVG compliant displays on the market. The daylight readable image is also greatly improved.

Customize and Ruggedize

Many NVIS displays are integrated into very challenging applications where the factory display frame would disintegrate if not enhanced and ruggedized. Q-Vio has developed state of the art custom aluminum frames that not only make the LCD dramatically more durable but also act as a large heatsink to improve heat transfer in products that need to be fanless or sealed.

Q-Vio LED Backlight and Driver Technology

We work exclusively with Nichia for our LED backlight technology. They offer the highest quality and best balance of performance, durability and uniformity on the market today. Our backlight designs are far superior to factory LED backlight systems where cost is the primary design factor. Q-Vio also has the best LED driver technology with class leading 1000:1 dimming for covering the extreme range needed on our Sunlight Readable/NVIS display solutions.

Our NVIS NVG Compliant Product Lineup Includes:

  • Custom rugged aluminum frame
  • Dual mode with Ultra bright day mode and ultra clear night mode
  • Q-Vio ColorBoost color enhancing technology
  • Special high uniformity light guide
  • Ultra high bright performance (up to 1500 nits)
  • Q-Vio custom 1000:1 dimming LED driver
  • Scalable design to any size panel up to 32″
  • Optical bonding, EMI and touchscreen options available

Product Features

Q-Vio designed Programmable LED driver boards: High quality boards that offer wide dimming range for precise control of backlight intensity in all environments.

Upgrades to your existing Product: Where maintaining your current display footprint is preferred or required, Q-Vio can enhance brightness, color, contrast and uniformity to your existing display

Coverglass options: Optical bonding or air gap coverglass with AR, AG and smudge resistant coatings along with more ruggedized protective solutions such as Gorilla Glass. Custom polarization also available.

Touchscreen options: Multi touch pCap, Rugged resistive

Quick Prototype turnaround: Our engineering team can provide prototypes in a matter of weeks for Proof of Concept and initial testing and evaluation.

Sunlight Readable LCD Displays with NVIS

SizeDot MatrixResolutionBrightness NitsBase PanelInterface and Features
Class B NVIS
6" 1080 x 1920FHD1500AUOMIPI; IPS; dual mode NVIS B
10.1"1920 x 1200WUXGA1200JDILVDS; IPS; dual mode NVIS B
20.1"1600 x 1200UXGA800SharpLVDS; IPS; dual mode NVIS B
Class A NVIS
24.0" 1920 x 1080FHD550AUOLVDS, IPS, Dual Mode NVIS A
12.1"1024 x 768XGA1500NLTLVDS, IPS, Dual Mode RED NVIS
19"1280 x 1024SXGA1000NLTLVDS, IPS, Dual Mode RED NVIS

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