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Rugged Custom Sunlight Readable LCD displays

Problem: The LCD market continues to develop more efficient, higher resolution and lower cost displays using lower power single light bar LED backlights. They are also getting thinner and less robust. This makes enhancement to true Sunlight Readability (1000 nits or greater) increasingly difficult using the factory backlight arrangement.

Solution: Q-Vio has developed a new ultra-rugged high bright family of sunlight readable displays that is based upon completely custom robust aluminum frame along with special light guide design that allows Q-Vio to control all aspects of the backlight. Single rail, dual rail or even 4 sided are all achievable with Q-Vio’s custom ruggedization. These panels have exceptional thermal management with the entire frame acting as a large heatsink. Because these ultra-bright sunlight readable displays are more rigid and robust for mission-critical applications that need high shock and vibration resistance, they are a perfect fit for rugged Military display systems, Maritime LCDs or Panel Mount LCD applications. Night Vision (NVIS) is also an option with this family.

Our Ruggedized Product Lineup Includes:

  • Custom aluminum frame
  • Ultra rugged materials
  • Lightweight design
  • Special high uniformity light guide
  • Ultra high bright performance (up to 2500 nits)
  • Over 1300 nits achievable in most cases
  • Special mounting holes available
  • NVIS (night vision) option available
  • Scalable design to any size panel up to 32″
  • Optical bonding and touchscreen options available

Product Features

Q-Vio designed Programmable LED driver boards: High quality boards that offer wide dimming range for precise control of backlight intensity in all environments.

Upgrades to your existing Product: Where maintaining your current display footprint is preferred or required, Q-Vio can enhance brightness, color, contrast and uniformity to your existing display

Coverglass options: Optical bonding or air gap coverglass with AR, AG and smudge resistant coatings along with more ruggedized protective solutions such as Gorilla Glass. Custom polarization also available.

Touchscreen options: Multi touch pCap, Rugged resistive

Quick Prototype turnaround: Our engineering team can provide prototypes in a matter of weeks for Proof of Concept and initial testing and evaluation.

Ruggedized Sunlight Readable LCD Displays

SizeDot MatrixResolutionBrightness NitsBase PanelInterface and Features
5" 1080 x 1920FHD2000AUOMIPI; ultra bright; high color 90% NTSC; rugged frame
6.5"1024 x 768XGA1300NLTLVDS; TN; low power; ruggedized
7"1200 x 1920UXGA2000JDIMIPI; ultra bright; high color 85% NTSC; rugged frame
10.1"1920 x 1200WUXGA1700JDILVDS; IPS; Rugged Pro frame
15"1024 x 768XGA2000InnoluxLVDS; TN; Rugged Pro Frame
15.6"1920x1080FHD1000SharpLVDS; TN; high color; Rugged Pro frame
17"1280 x 1024SXGA1500AUOLVDS; MVA; Rugged Pro Frame
17"1920x1200WUXGA1300InnoluxLVDS; MVA; high color; Tesla panel; Pro frame
20.1"1600x1200UXGA800SharpLVDS; IPS; hi color; Rugged Pro frame

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